The Southwest Kenya Village Drill

GWI partners with the Rift Valley Resource Centre to implement the Southwest Kenya Village Drill Project in Nandi County, Kenya.

The need for water in Nandi County is dire: government stats indicated that less than 30% of the population has ready access to clean water.

 In looking at options for contributing in Kenya, our Team heard about the hand-operated Village Drill.

This drill was designed by engineers at Brigham Young University, to install drilled wells in remote and challenging areas.

We saw that the Village Drill was a good fit for installing low-cost wells in some parts of Nandi County. And, fortunately, one of the manufacturing sites is in Mombasa, Kenya.

The funds to purchase the drill were solicited from generous companies and individuals known to our Team. The goal is to install wells at locations that can provide ongoing maintenance of the well and hand pump, such as schools, medical centres, churches and mosques.

Fund-raising for individual wells is done by schools or other groups in Canada. And we try to hook up the donors with the recipients via Skype, so they can see first hand how the wells impact the local community.
The Southwest Kenya Village Drill project is operated as a small business that generates income for up to 6 Kenyan workers.

Our Team helped to drill the first well and a local crew was trained, with the aid of a trainer from Mombasa (thanks, Nicholas).

So far 8 wells have been drilled.  The goal is to find more locations with appropriate hydrogeology and recipients, and to keep drilling!

Major Donors for Purchase of the Village Drill

Thank you all for your generous support.

  • Groundwater Insight Inc., Halifax, NS
  • The Landings Surgical Centre, Halifax, NS (special thanks to Drs. Louis Boileau and Richard Bendor-Samuel)
  • Geospectrum Technologies Inc., Dartmouth, NS (special thanks to Dr. Bruce Armstrong and Paul Yeatman)
  • Xeos Technologies, Dartmouth, NS (special thanks to Derek Inglis)
  • Field and Technical Services, Pittsburgh, PA (special thanks to Jim Zubrow)
  • Key Environmental, Pittsburgh, PA (special thanks to Jim Zubrow)
  • Liquid Gold Olive Oils and Vins, Halifax, NS (special thanks to Bill McArthur)
  • Black Diamond Builders, Halifax, NS (special thanks to Andrew Watts)
  • Genuine Kitchens, Dartmouth, NS (special thanks to Darryl Braine)
  • Glenmar Heating and Air Conditioning, Fall River, NS (special thanks to Glenn Geddes)
  • Daniel S. Shier Law Office, Whitehorse, YT
  • Matrix Solutions, Waterloo, ONT (special thanks for Daron Abbey and Steve Shikaze)
  • SGC Industries, Saint John, NB (special thanks to Mike Campbell)
  • Robert Fraser, Whitehorse, YT
  • Janet Clark, Whitehorse, YT
  • Bruce Wilson, Waterloo, ONT
  • Pinchin LeBlanc, Inc., Dartmouth, NS (special thanks to Craig Dickson)
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