Mitchell Brourman, Environmental Manager Beazer East Inc, Pittsburgh, PA

I have had the pleasure of working with Groundwater Insight on several challenging environmental remediation projects. In fact, Mark was specifically selected for this work because of his technical background, and his ability to effectively communicate difficult concepts on a very easy to understand level. Mark has been a very valuable team member on these assignments, and has earned himself an excellent reputation with the other members of the technical team. In fact, I believe he has worked with the team members on other projects for other clients. Mark is a good guy who I have enjoyed working with, and as an Environmental Manager, I’d recommend him highly.

Fred Baechler M.Sc., P.Geo., Chief Hydrogeologist ADI Ltd., Sydney, Nova Scotia

ADI has worked with Groundwater Insight on seven different occasions, including not only technical assignments associated with the Coke Ovens/Tar Ponds clean-up, but also in a co-teaching role, as a co-author of a technical paper, as well as in his position as the regional representative of IAH for the Atlantic Region. We enjoyed working with Mark in the team approach to these tasks, finding him to be open to new ideas, technically competent, inquisitive, and at ease in teaching and other public forums. In those tasks where he has taken on the role of project manager he has shown himself to be very effective in utilizing the skills of the various team members to meet the client’s scope, schedule and budget.

Jim Atkinson M.Sc. P.Geo., Senior Hydrogeologist Amec, Mississauga, Ontario

I worked with Mark on at least three projects related to development of Risk Assessments for metals and hydrocarbons. Mark was involved in both a primary and review capacity. The project work with Mark was performed in a timely manner within budget and the client was pleased with the resulting reports. Mark conducted a workshop on the Atlantic Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) for our staff. We found the workshop to be well organized, well presented and very useful to our staff. Mark’s experience and technical knowledge meant that presentation was very relevant to our activities. I have always found Mark to be very accommodating both as a client for his services and as a partner in our projects.

Donald L. Bryant, P.Eng., Principal Keystone Environmental Ltd., Burnaby, BC

Groundwater Insight is a key member of the Project Team for the Meadow Avenue Remediation Project near Vancouver, BC. Mark provided important “Insights” into the modelling of monitored natural attenuation of PAHs in groundwater that literally helped shape the design of this award winning, innovative sediment isolation system. His knowledge and stature in the fields of MNA, contaminant transport and DNAPL migration remains essential to the Project Team’s success.

Eric Raes, P.Eng., President Environment and Land Planning Associates Inc., Clinton, New Jersey

Mark served as a technical expert/advisor in the development of a Monitored Natural Attenuation program for a significant chlorinated hydrocarbon plume from a former coatings facility in New Jersey. With a Ph.D. from Waterloo, we expected Mark to possess specialized knowledge regarding chlorinated solvents. However, Mark led our team in discussions and negotiations with the regulating agency and ultimately obtained approval of the MNA program. Mark’s demonstrated expertise in complex chemical movement and interactions within a complex glacial till and bedrock environment became the central point to regulatory acceptance.

James S. Zubrow, President/Principal Hydrogeologist Key Environmental, Inc.

KEY and Groundwater Insight have worked as a team on numerous projects dating to 1997. The work has involved numerical groundwater fate and transport modeling to support the selection of a capping and containment site-wide remedial action and the development and implementation of unique field investigation approach for demonstrating the occurrence of natural attenuation. I have found that Dr. King’s technical capabilities and written and oral presentation skills have been a tremendous asset and have contributed greatly to the success of these projects. Dr. King has always been extremely responsive and I would strongly recommend him to anyone in the market for hydrogeological consulting services.

Douglas R. Gray, Principal Project Manager URS Corporation, Remediation & Operating Services, Pittsburgh, PA

Groundwater Insight has worked with URS on several projects and has provided excellent service and work products. Groundwater Insight personnel have proved to be excellent teaming partners and have brought essential value-added services to our clients. Groundwater Insight personnel are extremely technically proficient and bring along with them the necessary communication and presentation skills to make very technical work understandable. Groundwater Insight has worked out extremely well as a teaming partner and provides straightforward proposals, accessibility to technical expertise, and accurate billing which is critical to the overall management of projects.

Daron G. Abbey, M.Sc., P.Geo., Project Manager / Hydrogeologist Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc.

We have worked with Groundwater Insight for over three years on large-scale contaminated site investigations, utilizing numerical modeling tools for analysis and assessment of remedial options. Mark’s technical knowledge of the site conditions and processes, combined with his ability to appropriately represent these in modeling tools provides a crucial link between all project team members. He provides prompt and critical evaluations of model results in the context of field observations, effectively guiding project progress with consideration of tight timelines and technical aspects of the projects

Rob Anderson, P.G., Vice President BBL, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Mark and I have worked together on several projects for a mutual client. These projects involved investigation and evaluation of natural attenuation of constituents in groundwater at federally regulated wood treating sites. Mark is expert in the field of natural attenuation. Using his expertise and clearly written technical approaches and data evaluation, we were able to convince the regulatory agencies to consider natural attenuation as a potential remedy for the sites. Mark is a pleasure to work with, and easily fit in with our multidisciplinary team for these projects.

Colleen Mercer Clarke, M.Sc., M.L. Arch., CSLA

For almost ten years, Dr. King and I have worked together on a wide array of projects, perhaps most notably a group of projects associated with the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens sites. When assembling a technically expert team to address complex issues associated with the management and remediation of contaminated sites, Dr. King is my preferred associate in contaminant hydrogeology. I have personally observed Mark’s communication skills at work with a range of audiences including public meetings, community organizations, clients and regulatory officials. He has tremendous skill in the precise presentation of complex concepts and data in a manner that informs and, equally important in some venues, reassures. Mark has been a valued member of every one of my teams. His unfailing good humour and cooperative style puts his colleagues at ease and stimulates cooperative action. He is always ready for a new challenge, persistent in his determination to assemble needed data and information, and rigorous in his commitment to deliverables and deadlines.

Terry Hennigar, Hydrogeologist M.Sc., P.Eng, President Terry W. Hennigar Water Consulting

I have known Mark King for approximately 20 years. Over that period I have known him first as one of my students, secondly as an employee, thirdly as a peer practicing in the field of hydrogeology, and most recently as an associate in the business of consulting hydrogeology. We have worked together on a number of projects ranging from acid rock drainage in Nova Scotia, groundwater supply evaluations, and environmental site assessments. From my perspective and experience, Mark’s technical abilities are very strong and competent in the specialties of contaminant hydrogeology, migration of contaminants in the groundwater flow system, contaminated site remediation, and risk assessment of contaminated sites. Mark’s communication and presentation skills are very good. He is easy to communicate with, clear, concise, decisive, and well organized with technical presentations. His personable demeanour, flexible approach to issues, fair and firm resolution contributes to his excellent mediating skills. Mark is a good team person who works well with others in his area of specialty as well as other technical, and non-technical, disciplines. My experiences of working with Mark on projects have all been positive and I believe mutually beneficial. He is a reliable and trustworthy working associate.